What you should know

A modern approach

Say goodbye to noticeable silver fillings and hello to a natural, seamless smile with Chandler & Nightingale Dental's tooth-colored fillings. These fillings, also known as composite fillings, blend perfectly with your natural teeth, making them virtually invisible while they protect against further decay. Not only do tooth-colored fillings offer aesthetic benefits, but they also provide a durable solution that supports the structure of the tooth and can withstand the forces of biting and chewing.

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What to expect

During your appointment, our team will remove the decayed portion of your tooth and clean the affected area. The tooth-colored filling is then applied in layers, with each layer being hardened or cured before the next is added. Once the filling is in place, it will be shaped to match your tooth's natural contours and polished to prevent staining and early wear. With tooth-colored fillings from Chandler & Nightingale Dental, you can expect a treatment that not only protects your oral health but also enhances the beauty of your smile.

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