Happy young woman smiling and sitting in a dentist's office, explaining her problems while her female dentist is listening and taking notes about her oral health

General Dentistry

General dentistry encompasses a broad range of preventative and corrective treatments to maintain overall oral health, including cleanings, examinations, fillings, and gum care.
Cheerful woman with glasses posing with her hands under her face showing her smile in a dental office

Cosmetic Dentistry

Transform your smile and boost your self-confidence with our advanced cosmetic dentistry services
Shot of a young woman admiring her teeth after having a dental procedure done to whiten her teeth

Teeth Whitening

Illuminate your smile with Chandler & Nightingale Dental's professional teeth whitening services
Two dentists performing a dental procedure on a patient

Dental Surgery

Experience precise, safe, and effective dental surgery at Chandler & Nightingale Dental, designed to address complex dental issues and enhance your oral health
Senior man visiting a dentist and sitting in the dentist chair looking at camera holding toothbrush

Seniors Dental Care

Discover comprehensive and compassionate senior's dental care at Chandler & Nightingale Dental, designed to maintain and enhance the oral health of our valued senior patients
Young girl sitting in dentist chair smiling and showing her toothy smile

Children's Dental Care

Instil healthy habits and ensure bright smiles for your little ones with Chandler & Nightingale Dental's children's dental care services.
A man with a worried face is holding his hand on his cheek because of irritating pain in front of a dentist who is going to give a patient a treatment

Emergency Dental Care

Get immediate relief and expert care when you need it most with Chandler & Nightingale Dental's emergency dental services
A woman in a dental chair speaking to a dentist

Tooth Replacement

Revitalize your smile and restore your dental health with our superior tooth replacement services
A man in a dental chair discussing treatment with a dentist

Root Canals

Alleviate pain and save your natural tooth with Chandler & Nightingale Dental's expert root canal therapy
Woman holding her hand to her face due to tooth pain

Jaw Pain / TMJ Care

Find relief from persistent jaw discomfort with Chandler & Nightingale Dental's jaw pain and TMJ care
A man smiling and admiring his perfect smile in a handheld mirror at the dentist

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Restore the natural look and function of your teeth with Chandler & Nightingale Dental's tooth-coloured fillings.
Woman smiling and holding a blue cup of water after completing her dental exam
A dentist from Chandler & Nightingale Dental smiling and posing in a dental suite
A child smiling in a dental chair and pointing to her toothy smile
Two dentists from Chandler & Nightingale Dental perform a dental exam on a patient in a dental suite
A woman sitting in a dental chair and smiling while admiring her teeth in a handheld mirror
A man sitting in a dental chair and admiring his smile in a mirror
A woman sitting in a dental chair and smiling while she speaks with a dentist
Two dentists performing a general dentistry exam in a dental suite located at Yonge and St Clair

Customer testimonials

Hundreds of 5 star reviews and counting...

As always my experience yesterday with Dr Chandler and her colleagues was excellent. They are beyond doubt the most pleasant and caring professionals and I cannot recommend them enough…

Kristen M.

"Chandler & Nightingale are a rare find. The dentistry is super professional and the humanity is incredible. Our family has been with this clinic for about 15 years now."

Israel F.

"Dr. Nightingale is a warm and caring dentist. He always goes above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and to answer my questions.  He's always on time and greets me with a smile.  He's exceptional at what he does and a perfectionist."

Alma W.

"Dr. Chandler is a fabulous dentist and her office works like clockwork."

Judy J.

"Amazing service, attention to your needs and a quiet, safe and caring Dental practice. Dr. Bonnie Chandler and her team are simply the best at their job...nothing is too much or to difficult in a great environment."

Michael L.

"I have been going to Dr. Bonnie Chandler for many years and she is simply an outstanding dentist--precise, yet gentle, and a lovely person as well."

Aldona S.